NACCT 2013: Atlanta, GA (Sept 27-Oct 2)



(List courtesy of Dr. Mark Mycyk.  The full list with author names is available at

Abstract #31 – Markedly prolonged elevation of serum creatinine following Blue Thunder nitromethane-containing fuel ingestion

Abstract #32 – Should we GoLytely in recommending whole bowel irrigation?

Abstract #35 – Descriptive Analysis of Patients Receiving Digoxin Immune Fab Therapy: Demographics, Concentrations, Recommendations

Abstract #37 – Haloperidol successfully treats cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Abstract #38 – Forgoing the Folate – Fair or Folly?

Abstract #44 – Multiple Dose Activated Charcoal Fails to Reduce Elimination Half-Life in a Severe Phenobarbital Toxicity

Abstract #51 – Pediatric Ingestions of Phenazopyridine

Abstract #133 – Caffeine: What’s the Buzz ?

Abstract #148 – Made to deliver: a comparison of lead contamination in imported and non-imported spices

Abstract #187 – Evaluation of emergency department visits for coagulopathy, hypoglycemia and bradycardia

Abstract #189 – How often do i take this? Methotrexate’s atypical dosing is confusing

Abstract #233 – Who uses bath salts? Urban vs. rural distribution of PCC cases

Abstract #237 – Steroids, Growth Hormone, and the Poison Center

Abstract #244 – Comparison of Medical Simulation to Written and Oral Examination in the Assessment of Emergency Medicine Residents in Medical Toxicology

Abstract #257- How long does it take to get published? A description of Medical Toxicology Fellowship Graduates

Abstract #265 – Polydrug overdoses with benzodiazepines and psychotropics: the Medical Toxicologist’s perspective

Abstract #266 – Down the Toilet and Into Your Drinking Water

Abstract #278 – Synthetic Drugs Smoked Out: Outcome of a Unique Public Health Partnership

Abstract #289 – A Ten-Year Review of Nutmeg Toxicity Reports to the Illinois Poison Center 2001-2011

Abstract #302 – Hydroxychloroquine and Cardiotoxicity: A Retrospective Review of Regional Poison Center Data

Abstract #303 – A Comparison of DAWN and NPDS Data for Opioid Use

Abstract #315 – Outpatient Prescription Naloxone in a County Hospital Emergency Department: A Pilot Program