NACCT 2015: San Francisco, CA (Oct 8-12)

NACCT 2015 Activity (Courtesy of Dr. Mark Mycyk)
Carol Deslauriers (platform): Success of an online poison information
web resource
Jerry Leikin (moderator): AACT Occupational/Environmental Symposium
Jenny Lu (moderator): AACT Acute and intensive care symposium
Mark Mycyk, Mike Christian: Year In Tox Lit 2015

Abstracts (listed by #)

1. Success of an online poison information web resource
Carol Deslauriers, Vickie Dance, Michael Wahl
58. Effects on Denial Management Procedures in a Private Medical
Toxicology Practice
Jerrold B Leikin, Christopher S Lim
112. TCA Trends, Twists, and Turns
Erin M Pallasch, Sean M Bryant
181. Medication Disposal Habits Of Suburban Emergency Department Patients
Eric Leser, Katherine Peterson, Michele Zell-Kanter
188. Antidote Stocking in Free Standing Emergency Centers
Anthony M Burda, Tania Pini, Timothy M Cober, Carol Deslauriers
235. Time to Metformin-Associated Lactic Acidosis: A Retrospective
Review of Regional Poison Center Data
Jillian Theobald, Carol Deslauriers, Navneet Cheema
237. A Regional Poison Center’s experience in managing 3 communicable
disease hotlines
Carol Deslauriers, Michael Wahl
241. The Beef Jerky Blues
Rachel Spoelhof, Jillian Theobald, Mark Mycyk
246. A Regional Poison Center’s experience in establishing an Ebola hotline
Carol Deslauriers, Livia Navon
264. Cobalt Toxicity from Hip Arthroplasty with
Visual/Hearing/Neuropathy Improvement within Days Post Revision
Jerrold B Leikin, Ted Gerlinger, Rishi Balkissoon, Robert M Urban,
Joshua J Jacobs, Vojislav Lazarevic