NACCT 2020: San Francisco, CA (Virtual)

Scientific Abstract Presentations

Implementation and Evaluation of a Naloxone Access Program Dispensing in the Emergency Department. Ana Cruz, Samantha Otto-Meyer, Jennie Jarrett, Adam Bursua, Kit Moy, Renee Petzel Gimbar

Correlation Between Methamphetamine Seizures By State Police and Cases Reported to a Regional Poison Center by Geographic Region. Elizabeth Black, Marit Tweet, Amy Deitche, Matthew Novak, Eric Schultz , Michael Wahl

PoisonHelp – It’s More Than a Telephone Call. Richard Dart, Alvin Bronstein, Carol DesLauriers, Michael Gilbert, Yasmine Harding, Heba Hashem, Stuart Heard, Lee Livermore, Robert Palmer, Mark Ryan, Scott Schaeffer, Julie Weber 

A Valuable Toxicology Education: Emergency Medicine Residents’ Experiences At A Regional Poison Center. Carol DesLauriers, Michele Kanter, Sean Bryant

Medical Toxicology Rotation Continuity During Coronavirus Pandemic. Michele Kanter, Steven Aks

Clinical and biochemical effects of patient initiated, over-the-counter low-dose dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) chelation therapy for lead exposure. Joseph Kennedy,  Jerrold Leikin

Carbon Dioxide Toxicity in Theater Workers from High-volume Stage Haze and Fog Propellants. Joseph Kennedy, David Hinkamp, Jason Kindt, Jerrold Leikin

Significant hypothermia associated with mitragynine and cannabis use. Joseph Kennedy, Peter Thompson,  Jerrold Leikin

Cannabis toxicity in the E- cigarette and vaping-use associated lung injury (EVALI) epidemic: an inpatient toxicology service experience. Joseph Kennedy,  Jerrold Leikin

Age- and gender-bias disparities in EKGs obtained following drug overdose limit effectiveness of quality measures. Joseph Kennedy, Colleen Kennedy, Hina Patel, Dennis Hawxby,  Jerrold Leikin

A review of xylazine-associated fatalities: an emerging public health emergency. Joseph Kennedy, Marit Tweet, Steven Aks

Retrospective review of pediatric (age 0-5) hydroxyzine ingestion and triage threshold for poison center referral to a healthcare facility. Joseph Kennedy, Amy Deitche, Jerome Dimaano, Matthew Novak, Erin Pallasch,  Michael Wahl

NAC Use and/or Abuse in Rhabdomyolysis Patients? Sean McCann, Sean Bryant 

Impact of 2018 FDA Loperamide Packaging Guidelines on Cases Reported to US Poison Centers.Sean McCann, Michael Wahl

The Social Networkingman’s Blues: Sodium Nitrite as a Method of Suicide Prescribed by Online Communities. Sean McCann, Marit Tweet, Joseph Kennedy, Elizabeth Black, Sean Bryant

The Power of Engagement – tweetchats increase Altmetric-scored dissemination of promoted journal manuscripts. David Toomey, Mark Mycyk, Meghan Spryes, Howard Greller, Anne-Michelle Ruha, Peter Chai

Speech Disturbance in Adult Chronic Lead Poisoning-Resolution with Chelation. Marit Tweet, Jerrold Leikin

You Don’t Know the Haff of It: A Family Outbreak. Marit Tweet, Jenny Lu 

Psychiatric Evaluation of Patients with Ecstasy Use from the Poison Control Perspective. Marit Tweet, Joseph Kennedy, Michael Nelson, Michael Wahl, Steven Aks

“Unintentional” ingestion – regional poison center and toxicology service management of factitious disorder presenting as intimate partner violence and gunpoint-forced warfarin ingestion. Emily Wilkins, Jenna Nikolaides, Erin Pallasch,  Joseph Kennedy