NACCT 2017: Vancouver, BC

NACCT 2017: Vancouver, BC


Eye see an EpiPen: complications from a pediatric ocular epinephrine injection. Theresa Kim, Matthew J. Novak, James R. Waymack, Mark B. Mycyk

Palatability of effervescent versus standard oral n-acetylcysteine: Is it worth all the fizz?  Anne Marie Guthrie, Frank Paloucek, Renee Petzel Gimbar

Pediatric ingestions of amfetamine/dextroamfetamine salt.  Matthew J. Novak, Carol DesLauriers, Michael Wahl

Graft failure rates of organs transplanted from poisoned patients compared with other causes. Neeraj Chhabra, Theresa Kim, Danielle Weech, Jerold Leikin

Characteristics of deceased illicit drug/alcohol abuse patients as potential organ donors. Theresa Kim, Neeraj Chhabra, Danielle M. Weech, Jerrold Leikin

Analysis of medical marijuana laws in states transitioning to recreational marijuana – a gateway drug policy? Neeraj Chhabra, Jerrold Leikin

Development of an emergency department opioid treatment and prescribing guideline using a Modified Delphi method. Neeraj Chhabra, Jose Marquez, P. Quincy Moore, Abdoulie Njie, Joanne C. Routsolias, Michele Kanter, Steve Aks

Massive hearing aid battery ingestion: toxic or tame? Neeraj Chhabra, Theresa Kim, Rebecca W. Tsang, Jerrold Leikin

Suicidal poisonings for patients age 6–19 as reported to one Regional Poison Center. Carol DesLauriers, Michael Wahl

Web-based information and NPDS: lack of clear correlation between page views and drop in NPDS call volume of non-toxic exposures. Carol DesLauriers, Michael C. Beuhler, Vickie Dance, Toby Litovitz, Alexa Steverson, Michael Wahl

Characterization of vaccine administration cases to a regional poison center. Michele Kanter, Carol DesLauries, Jerrold Leikin

Evaluating the Lo-Cal option in ethylene glycol poisoning. Christopher Lim, John Cook, Patrick M. Lank, Sean M. Bryant

Pharmacy-based prescription naloxone: the final step for a system- wide implementation. Jose Marquez, P. Quincy Moore, Joanne C. Routsolias, Steve Aks

Use of data from AHRQ Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) and NPDS to benchmark poison center utilization. Michael Wahl, Carol DesLauriers, Vickie Dance