ACMT 2019: San Francisco, CA

ACMT 2019: San Francisco, CA


Fentanyl Analog Exposures Among Living Patients in a Large Urban Healthcare System. Neeraj Chhabra, Lum Rizvanolli, Arkady Rasin, Granger Marsden, Keiki Hinami, Steven E Aks

Characterization of Carfentanil Exposure in Patients Presenting to a Large Urban Healthcare System. Arkady Rasin, Neeraj Chhabra, Lum Rizvanolli, Juleigh Konchak, Steven E Aks

Utilization and Results of an Expanded Urinary Opioid Screen Including Fentanyl in a Healthcare System. Neeraj Chhabra, Arkady Rasin, Lum Rizvanolli, Gisela Bryan, Caleb Scarth, Steven E Aks

Increasing Abuse of Propylhexedrine Reported to US Poison Centers. Elizabeth Black, Michael Wahl

JMT’s Preliminary Research Section—a 5-Year Evaluation.  David Jang, Jennifer Love, Mark Mycyk

Optimizing Medication Safety for Behavioral Health Patients Boarding in the Emergency Department. Joanne Routsolias, Trevor Lewis, Mark Mycyk 

Effect of Guidelines on FFP/4-Factor PCC Utilization in Treatment of Coagulopathy from Synthetic Cannabinoids Tainted with Long Acting Anticoagulant Rodenticides.  Marit Tweet, Michael Wahl