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About Us

ToxCases is an interactive website to assist with Toxicology In-Service and Board Review. This was created in conjunction with the Cook County Emergency Medicine Residency Program and the Toxikon Consortium. All cases are reviewed for accuracy by board-certified Toxicologists.


ToxCases Team

MG Application Picture

  Michael Gottlieb, MD

  Director of Emergency Medicine

  Rush University Medical Center

  Former Chief Resident

  Cook County Emergency Medicine Residency Program



  Jenny Lu, MD

  Attending Physician and Toxicologist

  Toxikon Consortium

  Cook County Emergency Medicine Residency Program


Jami Hickey


  LCDR Jami Hickey, MD, MC, USH

  Attending Physician

  Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Emergency Residency  Program


List of Contributors: Steve Aks, Navneet Cheema, Neeraj Chhabra, Michael Christian, Erin Clark, Brendan Devine, Chris Hoyte, Tara Kamath, Michele Kanter, Theresa KIim, Alex Kogan, Patrick Lank, Christopher Lim, Christian Marcelo, Jason Murphy, Mark Mycyk, Michael Nelson, Frank Paloucek, Jill Theobold, and Michael Wahl.



ToxCases is intended for only for review and does not constitute medical advice to treat any medical condition in yourself or others, including (but not limited to) patients that you are treating.