NACCT 2016: Boston, MA



Hot and Cold? – Yes or No?
Katherine Welker, Rosalinda Fitts, Scott Leikin, and Jerrold Leikin

Animosity in Bed – Olfactory and Neurologic Dysfunction and Antimony Exposure
Katherine Welker, Priya Batta, Alan Hirsch, and Jerrold Leikin

Bothrops moojeni Envenomation: A Rare Situation Further Complicated by an Uncommon Horse Allergy
Christina Hantsch

Development and implementation of patient care tools for the toxicology patient: review of poison center calls for common inquiries from a community health system
Jennifer Wiafe, Hina Patel, Katherine Welker, Jerrold Leikin, and Carol DesLauriers

Misrepresented Haloperidol as a Cause of Dystonia: A Case Series
Henry Swoboda and Steven Aks

Poison Center Deaths by Quarter; Is it a Flip of a Coin?
Henry Swoboda, Sean Bryant, and Michael Wahl

Breaking Bad: Which Benzo is Baddest?
Katherine Welker, Neera Khattar, and Sean Bryant

 Drug/Cannabis Associated Delirium Treated with Dexmedetomidine
Olga Amusina and Jerrold Leikin

The X Factor: Lack of Bleeding After an Acute Apixaban Overdose
Scott Leikin, Hina Patel, Katherine Welker, and Jerrold Leikin

Cyclic or Acyclic? Single Ingestion Cyclobenzaprine Trends
Erin M. Pallasch, Carol DesLauriers, and Sean Bryant

How PHAT is Fat for Bupropion Poisoning? One Poison Center’s Experience
Neeraj Chhabra, Carol DesLauriers, Michael Wahl, and Sean Bryant

Octreotide Administration for Hypoglycemia in a Patient on Nateglinide
Henry Swoboda, Jenna K. Nikolaides, and Sean Bryant

Analysis of patients presenting to a medical toxicology clinic with a focus on self or poison center referrals
Jerrold Leikin, Jenna K. Nikolaides, Carol Deslauriers, and Sharan Campleman

Proton Pump Inhibitors in Children: A Poison Center Experience
Neeraj Chhabra, Scott Leikin, Christopher Leong, Lane B Farrell, Reginald L Brown, Carol Deslauriers, Jerrold Leikin

Demographics of Twitter-Based Toxicology Learners
Peter Chai, Matthew Griswold, Bryan Hayes, Leon Gussow, David Juurlink, Edward Boyer, and Kavita Babu