NACCT 2018: Chicago, IL

NACCT 2018: Chicago, IL


Money talks for medical tox: financial impact of the medical toxicology specialty code on a private practice. Theresa Kim and Jerrold Leikin

Outbreak of coagulopathy associated with synthetic cannabinoid use. Jason Devgun, Arkady Rasin, Theresa Kim, Maxim Dzeba, Carol DesLauriers, Michael Wahl, Henry Swoboda, Trevonne Thompson, Jerrold Leikin, Jenny Lu, Sean Bryant, Mark Mycyk and Steve Aks

Characteristics of poisoned patients requiring inter- facility transfer.  Theresa Kim, Eric Schultz, Matthew Novak, Carol DesLauriers and Mark Mycyk

Synthetic cannabinoid-related coagulopathy: the tip of K2.  Jason Devgun, Arkady Rasin, Timothy Meehan, Renee Petzel Gimbar, Gabriela Szatko and Trevonne Thompson

Graft failure rates of opioid overdose donors compared to other drug overdose donors.  Theresa Kim, Neeraj Chhabra and Jerrold Leikin

Perinephric stranding and hydronephrosis associated with brodifacoum mediated coagulopathy in the setting of inhalational synthetic cannabinoid use.  Arkady Rasin, Jason Devgun, Carol DesLauriers, Michael Wahl, Henry Swoboda and Steve Aks

Straight to psych: healthcare facility calls: increasing complexity of Poison Center patient triage. Erin Pallasch, Michael Wahl and Carol DesLauriers

The elusive phytonadione – a bloody mess.  Joanne Routsolias, Renee Petzel Gimbar and Michele Kanter

Intentional single ingestion cyclobenzaprine trends in pediatric patients.  Dana Rod, Erin Pallasch and Sean Bryant

The granny syndrome and severity of outcomes in pediatric poisonings.  Theresa Kim, Lotiffa Colibao, Carol DesLauriers and Sean Bryant