NACCT 2019: Nashville, TN

NACCT 2019: Nashville, TN

Scientific Presentations

Hydrogen Sulfide Induced Respiratory Failure Treated with Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (VV ECMO). Elizabeth Black, Richard Kaplan, Austin Williams. 

How to “Poison” an Inpatient Medical Toxicology Consult Service. Jerrold B Leikin, Elizabeth G Black, Hina Patel 

Sources of Severe Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Exposures Admitted to the Hospital or Transferred for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Sean McCann, Amy Deitche, Matthew Novak, Erin Pallasch, Michael Wahl

Two Scorpions, One Gun: Simultaneous Hottentotta Tamulus and Androctonus Australis Envenomation in a Self‐Harm Attempt. Arkady Rasin, Alexander Davies, Leah Tatebe, Michael Wahl

Poison Center Workload: Complexity and Quality Surpassing Simplicity and Quantity. Carol DesLauriers, Matthew Novak, Sean Bryant, Michael Wahl

Adherence to Poison Center Hemodialysis Recommendations for Lithium Poisoning. Arkady Rasin, Sean McCann, Sean Bryant

Urinary Cannabis Metabolite Concentrations in Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Jonathan Cordova, Vincent F Biank, Elizabeth Jerrold B Leikin

Evolution of poison center fatalities. Sean Bryant, Carol DesLauriers

Do you have the knack for dosing e‐NAC?   Devon Burhoe, Renee Petzel Gimbar, Jennie Jarrett, Frank Paloucek

Incidence & Injury due to hydrocarbon abuse: Fluorinated inhalants vs. other hydrocarbons. Matthew Novak, Michael Wahl, Lee Friedman, Alfreda Holloway-Beth

Daily Emergency Department Pharmacy Rounds Improves Medication Safety for Behavioral Health Patients Boarding in the Emergency Department. Joanne C. Routsolias, Thuyan Le, Ukachi Nwankpa, Tekie Woldegebriel, Trevor J Lewis, Mark B. Mycyk