Case 28 – Envenomations

Case # 28 – Envenomation
Author: Jason Murphy, MD
Peer Reviewer: Jenny Lu, MD

A mother brings her 15 year old son to your ED. She states that he was out in the national park near their house when he was bitten by what he claims was a rattlesnake. The mother confirms that she also saw the rattlesnake. He was bitten on both his right arm and left leg, and he is writhing in pain. His past medical history is unremarkable.

Vitals: Temp: 98.2, HR: 115, RR: 25, BP: 120/75, O2 Sat: 100% on RA.

On exam, your worst fears are confirmed when you note his right arm and left leg are swollen, covered in black necrotic eschar, and there is serosanguanous drainage from both sites. You also note blood in his oral and nasal mucosa.

What are the two major categories of venomous snakes in the United States? How can you differentiate them?
Does every bite by a venomous snake result in an envenomation? What findings would you expect on physical exam to suggest envenomation?
What labs do you want? What are you looking for?
What is the recommended treatment for this envenomation?
As he is being wheeled up to the ICU, his mother asks you if there is anything she could have done differently before they went to the hospital (tourniquets, suction devices, immobilizations) that could have helped her son. What does the evidence say?
Is there any role for antibiotics?


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